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As a Jamaican native, I grew up knowing the harsh reality that this world we live in is not a walk in the park. I have seen my share of good and bad but my faith kept pushing me. Beyond just working for my own benefit but for something much bigger in the grand scheme of things. Hence the decision to give  back to my neighbors and the world on a whole. I want to spark hope in individuals I come in contact with.


God has been with me in my darkest hours and have carried me through all my painful experiences. If I declare that you have in you all that you need to live a victorious life its because I have done it. Walking by faith and not by sight is always hard but our father as place the 'I Am' of his son in us. When you come to that realization you unleash your inner power.

I was always fearful that I was never good enough but with life challenges & victory; that fear is no more.  Keeping this in mind it became the foundation of BELOVED. To let everyone know that you don't have to be afraid, you can do anything that you set your mind to.

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